When you’re poor, you always need money. When you’re poor, you see money as a perishable good. It’s difficult for us to save money. I’ve been there, I am there, and only briefly have I never not been poor. You’ll take desperate actions in order to change that. So do I use this paycheck stub generator in order to make that happen? I sure do. It’s not the best plan. It’s not the smartest action but it’s one that allows me to bring in some kind of money from the Payday Loan businesses. Is it stealing from them? Oh, it sure is. Do I care? Not even the slightest.

These companies and their ilk have been preying on the poor for decades now. Only recently has there been any Government action against them. Most of them have closed in the United Kingdom but here in the United States it’s money that speaks. Money that matters. Money is everything here. Look at President Trump. He would never had become President if he didn’t have any money. He’s a monster of a man who, with enough money, was able to usurp our government for his own ends. It’s a ridiculous truth that we’re faced with.

So I’ll take money that I haven’t earned from a company who is doing the same. They keep people in debt. Fine, I’ll take that money and do what I want with it. If I’m going to be sunk into debt then I’ll just have to continue borrowing money. This paycheck generator allows me to get what I want when I want it. Sooner or later it’s going to stop working but in the mean time I’ll at least be able to pay some necessary bills while enjoying myself; a thing that is brief when you’re as poor as us.

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