How do you concentrate in a small house bustling with activity? Well, it is not easy. I write during my off time from work, and that just happens to be when everyone else is home and doing their own thing. A game console might be fighting WWIV in the living room, and zombies may be growling from streaming reruns in a bedroom down the hall. With a teenage girl either complaining about her teasing brother or talking loudly with her friends, and a wife who likes listening to loud Classical music, I need my Bohm headphones just to be able to think. I enjoy the noise cancelling capability of my wireless headphones.

I will play instrumental music while I write. The sound of lyrics or even a faraway conversation distracts me from the dialog I am trying to create in my head. I cannot make quiet, but I can remove the ambient sounds from the atmosphere around my head by taking advantage of the latest in electronic technology that cancels noise. I am not even certain how it works, but it is quite amazing once you experience it in action. It has to do with microphones that pick up the ambient noise and cancel it out with countering wavelengths of sound pumped through the headphone speakers. I am not sure who sat around and thought this up, but I imagine they had kids and a small house like ours.

I wear my Bohm headphones to shut out the outside world when I need to. When I step from the reality I am creating in my world of writing back into the real reality of family life, I shut off my headphones and put them in their storage case or recharge them. They are battery powered and wireless. It is amazing how I can switch from a world of crime and intrigue and be placed right smack dab back in the middle of family life at the flip of a switch.

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