I was not sure what I was looking for when I decided to accept a job offer in Toronto. I had multiple options. I could either rent or buy, first off. Then, I could choose a house, apartment or a condo, depending if I wanted a mortgage or not. I looked at the different things available close to where my new job would be, and that is how I found myself looking at Toronto condos. I just looked at the immediate areas around where I would be traveling at least five days a week, and I knew that a condo would be my best bet.

I had considered an apartment, but I honestly cannot see myself giving someone the same amount of money that I would pay for a mortgage and not have anything in return other than a place to stay another month. I wanted to build some equity when I realized that the prices would be similar. There are many condos for sale within 15 minutes of where I would be, so I just focused on that small area. I used a website that was referred to me by the person who hired me, and that proved to be quite helpful.

I have a condo thanks to that advice and the person who owns the website with all the condo information on it. That was particularly helpful because it told me a lot more than just info on the condo itself. It gave me relevant information about the area around the condos, and that helped me decide which one I was going to get. It is a small two bedroom unit with two baths. My bedroom and private bath is on the upper floor, and the living room, dining room, office, a second full bath, and laundry is all on the first floor. It could not be more perfect for me.

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