When my husband told me that he wanted to buy a 2015 BMW M5, I had no problem with it. I knew that he had always wanted a BMW, but I didn’t know anything about this particular car. I figured he had done his homework on it though, and I was right. He wanted me to know more about it because it was going to be a car that I would use at times, and he wanted to get my input on it. He showed me the web page where had gotten a lot of his information, and I could see why he wanted one before I was even done reading all about it.

First off, the car is just a beauty. I knew that he wanted a BMW because of the speed, but the main thing I noticed about the car is how sleek it is. It looks extremely refined, and I knew that I would be driving it more than just occasionally! What really impressed me the most about this car is that it looked classy without looking snobbish. There was nothing eccentric about it at all as far as appearances are concerned, and that goes for the inside of the car too.

The leather interior is very classy, but it was the total package that really had my attention. For example,, the front seats can adjust 16 different ways. That might seem excessive, but I consider that such a luxury that is welcomed in our lives. The car is just solid and has everything that we would need in a car, plus it is the kind he has wanted most of his life. He gets his speed, and I get the comfort and dependability of a car that has a proven track record for safety. It really is the best of both worlds for us.

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