We had a truck stop just down the road, but they did not have a scale. Many of the other places I have seen had a place for trucks to be weighed to avoid problems at the official scales along the highway. You need a scale to not be over weight limits, but you also need one to adjust your tandems on a trailer to balance the load and control the weight at the king pin up front. I looked at truck scale prices to see how much one would cost. There was a lot for lease next to the truck stop, and I wanted to open my own scale there.

I got a loan for the scale using the equity in our home. I developed and landscaped the lot. I had a small building built with electricity, water, sewer and natural gas utilities installed, and then had the scale installed. All day long I have trucks roll over my scale to see weight displayed. We check tongue weights on trailers, balance loads and do mock safety inspections. We help drivers to have all of their paperwork, placards and other things in order before heading down the highway. They pay us a few bucks to help make sure they are running legal.

I pay a certification company to verify the accuracy of my scale more often than is required, and this makes the commercial drivers rely on me for the most accurate weights for their vehicles. We have weighed everything from tractor trailer trucks to RVs after being filled with all their gear and having their tanks filled to make sure they are not over the gross weight rating. You would be surprised at the number of motorhomes that are seriously over the gross vehicle weight rating once they are occupied with people and supplies.

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