A friend of mine wanted to impress his girlfriend by getting her something special. He said that her favorite color was yellow and wanted to get her a yellow gemstone. He called it a jewel for his most precious jewel, which I thought was pretty corny at the time. I didn’t think anyone would really want to have a yellow gemstone over something red, blue, or green, but I guess there’s something out there for everyone. There is a store that sells peridot gemstones for around $100, which was in line with the budget my friend wanted to spend on the present. I had a feeling that his girlfriend would be disappointed at the sight of the gemstone, but I was wrong.

My friend wrapped up the gemstone in a box with special wrapping paper. He planned to take his girlfriend out to dinner that day and give it to her during dessert. I wanted to see him give the gift in person, but it would have been kind of silly for me to be sitting in the restaurant spying on him while he’s having an intimate moment. I just had to wait for him to tell me all about it the next day.

The dinner went better for my friend than I thought it would. His girlfriend was already happy about the dinner, but when he pulled out the gemstone and showed it to her, she thought it was the greatest gift of all time. She kept going on and on about how he remembered that yellow was her favorite color. Now that he’s given her such a great gift, the only thing left for my friend to give his girlfriend is a wedding ring. I wonder if they make yellow diamonds for such an occasion. Maybe she would be happy with another piece of peridot jewelry.

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