I run the company and have not been to our website in years. I was out and met a customer who recognized me. She said she used to shop our online store all the time until our website became a problem for her. We had a number of comments about issues with navigating our website, but we did not put a lot of effort into correcting it. We were just fixing bits and pieces of it instead of starting with a whole new design. I searched and hired a firm that does web design in Duluth to present us a plan for a complete domain renovation project. We wanted everything redone, rebranded and remade. We wanted the site to be the most user friendly online buying experience possible.

We have a limited amount of products. Nothing like the giant online retailer. We serve a specific demographic. I shop for things at the giant retailer’s website and get frustrated at times. I give them a pass because they are so big. I figured that some little details will occasionally slip through the cracks of their site design. However, we do not have near the customers they do, and we have far fewer products to contend with. So, my company has no excuse not to have a flawless website that gives a perfect shopping experience to every single customer.

We did it right this time. We tested and tested the proposed new design in a sandbox with real people who buy things online. Then we invited existing and former customers to try our new website. We sent them links to try the new design, and we offered some free stuff and huge discounts for detailed feedback. The company that does web design in Duluth managed the whole thing. When we rolled out the new design, it was as perfect as it could be. It was tested on every device we could imagine, and our efforts paid off. Our need for customer service intervention dropped drastically, and that saved us a fortune alone. Also, sales have went up tremendously for each of the last three quarters.

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