Golfing used to be an annoyance for me. I disliked having to go golfing with the boss and clients. I had to put on a happy face and spend hours learning the game and taking lessons. However, I ended up having a natural golf swing that could drive the ball far off the tee. It got me noticed the first time out. The boss told me to work on my short game, so I did. He gave me advice on clubs from the best driver to the best sand wedge to pick for my bag. I was using a set of clubs I borrowed from my brother-in-law. He was helping me with pointers too.

I did not like golfing, but it came pretty easy to me. It can get complicated if you let it, but the game is just using math to get the ball from the tee to the hole. Once you understand the limits of the tools you can use to accomplish that, then you can work on using them to the best of your ability. Being able to swing that driver in a good arc to smack that ball off the tee on a par 5 is very helpful. I have gotten on the green in two strokes a lot of times on par 5 holes. Being able to two-putt gives me a lot of birdies now.

I was challenged to get on the green of a par 5 in one stroke by a client for one game. I had to go over trees on a dog-legged fairway to do it. I knew where the green was at, but it was a blind shot over the trees. My boss told me he would give me a paid week off if I could do it. Sure, no pressure there. Anyway, I did it. I declined further challenges in that game to keep my paid week off. The people I golf with think I really like the game and have been at it for decades. I am actually a newcomer to the game, but I do not reveal that to anyone.

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