Running a website isn’t always as easy as some people make it out to be. You have to constant make sure content is up to date on the website, and you have to think of ways to get people to actually visit the website, or else there’s no point of it really existing. I had a problem with low site traffic, and I was at my wits end. There was one way to get people to check out my site, and that was by finding a company that could do SEO work. I learned about the Conax Digital SEO agency and contacted them for a little help.

I requested that the company do whatever they could to get me more visitors, as long as they made it look as natural as possible. They worked their magic and made it so my website was the top result on searches related to it. Other pages began linking back to my page, and even more visitors came in that way. Now that I have a lot more people viewing my website, I have to run it a little more differently than before. I’ve set up ways to moderate the conversations between people. No matter the website, there’s always some negative person who comes along to make things worse for everyone else.

I can’t watch the website all day long, but I have selected people that can watch it for me in shifts to make sure that people are behaving correctly. When there is an instance of a person causing a problem on the website, they block the person from being able to post, and send me a notice so that I can review it later. I can see IP addresses from the visitors, so spotting repeat offenders is easy to do, as long as they don’t have a proxy.

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