I really didn’t know any other females that play video games in the past, but now I do. I know that a lot of males play them. My husband was really into them when I first met him and he still is now, too. He’s .the one that got me interested. He is the one that points out all the new ones to me, and he got some Forge of Empires cheats for me so that I can play the one that I really like right now with ease. He is quickly finding out that I am more interested in them than he thought I would be which really pleases him.

I often had a lot of different boyfriends who like to play games. I had other things on my mind. But would the person that I married, she knows how to get me interested in things because of how much I love him. When men him he played often with friends. I would not say that he played them too much. He likes to have fun with his friends just like I like to go off and have fun with my own friends. But it’s important I’m I really wanted to spend some more time with him, and I didn’t feel it was fair to take him away from him. So I started asking him if I could I could tag along when he and his buddies played. He loved that idea.

Now that I like all sorts of gaming, I am finding that I am frequenting many different websites and forums to learn more. My hubby now has a big smile on his face when he starts talking about something new that has come out and I already know about it or can tell him all sorts of details about it. We love that we have a shared interest. It makes us both happy.

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