I decided to use an Instagram hack against my sister after she started posting really hideous stuff about me on her account. I could take the normal potshots you get from a sibling, but her attacks quickly escalated beyond the merely embarrassing to really malicious stuff. I told her to knock if off after I started hearing about it from other kids at school, but that seemed to just embolden her further. Once she started to photoshop family photos, I knew I had to take action quickly. The only way to stop a bully is to stand up to them.

So I tried to figure out her password, but had little luck. It wasn’t her pet’s name or any other words I assumed she would use. I even went through her room and car looking to see if she wrote it down, but again I had no luck. Frankly, I didn’t even know what I was going to do if I got into the account. Fortune smiled upon me when some friends showed me pictures of her passed out at a party with stuff written on her face in black marker. Can you hear me rubbing my hands with glee?

More than ever I needed to get into that account! And I did after finding an online hack that guarantees success. Someone used to hack into Taylor Swift’s account, so I figured it would be a piece of cake on my sister’s account. Sure enough after following some easy instructions and clicking on a button after entering her user name, I was in. I quickly uploaded the party photos and waited to see what would happen. I heard the screams first before I saw her, and I countered her rage with the calm pronouncement that I would tell Mom about the photos. Her bullying stopped immediately!

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