I’m fairly new to the world of vaping, but I’ve been using these CBD oil vapes, and I absolutely love them. I started vaping when a friend of mine let me try his. I loved the taste so much that I had to have one for myself. He helped me pick out a vape device and that was my foot in the door of the world of vaping. In the short time that I’ve been vaping, I’ve experimented with a few flavors to find some that would suit my tastes. To me, nothing was as great as the CBD, but there are some good ones.

My girlfriend was glad that I stopped smoking in favor of vaping, but she wishes I wouldn’t do that either. She’s against anything except drinking a little wine with dinner. It’s a mystery how someone like her was attracted to someone like me. It’s not like it was a secret that I smoked before we got together. She knew this and still wanted to date me. Since we’re together now, I guess it doesn’t matter, but it’s something that I’ve always thought about and have never been able to really come up with a good explanation.

The vape device that I use can last a full day of intense vaping, so I get all the usage out of it that I can. The best thing about vaping is being able to do it in areas where normally I would have to stop smoking. No one really minds when I vape, but people couldn’t stand me smoking around them. And then there were the times when I had to go outside in the freezing cold during the winter just to light up a cigarette. I don’t have to worry about any of that shivering nonsense with vaping.

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