Of course this has become a pretty common story lately, but it was a real surprise to us when it happened to John. He was a really studious young man, always focused on his ambition to become an engineer. At any rate a couple of years ago he got into an accident on his way home from college. They gave him some pain pills and the next thing you know he was addicted to them, but he never really stopped working towards his goals. He had to go to a Florida drug rehabilitation center after he got a job. Of course no one wants to have an engineers who is whacked out on pain pills, the guy makes a mistake and all sorts of really bad things could happen. It is obvious when you think about the things that engineers do, John was working on highway bridges. Obviously the state is not going to let you do that sort of thing unless you pee in a cup every now and again.

He seemed to be doing well when I found the place where I was supposed to pick him up. Obviously his Dad wanted to come, but he has a lot of things that he has to do and they sent me instead. In fact it is pretty much impossible to get someone off of drugs unless that is something that they really want to do. The key to anything is motivation, so we are not really sure what is going to happen next. It is pretty obvious that people have no trouble getting drugs if that is what they want. In fact if you can not get the pain pills, it has become really easy for you to get heroin lately. It is what a lot of people move to after they get hooked on pills.

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