I have been overweight ever since I was a teenager. I was active with sports, but I figured it was all the fast food that had me carrying a few extra pounds. When I went to college, I figured it was the stress of being away from home that made me add some more pounds to what I was already carrying around. When I got married, my husband told me that I don’t eat enough to be 20 pounds overweight. He told me about Thyromine health supplements, and I read up on them to see if it was a supplement that I would feel comfortable taking.

The reason he didn’t tell me before is because we were not living together until we were married. He had just assumed that I was eating more when he was not around, but he discovered that was not the case once we were living together. That is why he wanted to find a supplement that might help me, and Thyromine was the one that seemed to be the right choice. He talked it over with a friend of his who is a doctor, and his friend said it would be safe for me to take.

I decided to order a bottle of the supplements, figuring I had nothing to lose if it did not work but everything to gain if thesupplements did help me with those unwanted pounds. I knew it would not happen overnight, so I was very patient. By the end of the first month, I definitely felt different. I had more energy, and I was actually lighter by several pounds. By the time I had taken it for the second month, I had lost all my extra weight. I feel absolutely incredible now. I thought I always felt good before, but that was nothing compared to now!

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