I have been getting adapted to being out on my own. At first I did it out of necessity and opportunity. For over a decade I had a boss and everything was fine. He knew what he was doing and he treated me fine. Of course like everyone he got old and when he turned fifty he told me that he was able to retire. At any rate his son took over and did not prove adept, nor easy to get along with. I found some tax prep software for professionals and walked off with a small number of clients who pretty much despised the young man. Like a certain person who is always in the news of late, my new boss had a great problem with the truth and often told people whatever he thought was what they wanted to hear. Of course you just can not lie to people with whom you are doing business, especially when they are the ones who really have the control of the situation. When you write the checks, it is up to the guy who cashes the checks to make you happy. If they do not do this, then you are not obligated to keep signing the checks.

These people knew that I actually did the work and they knew that when I told them things would be done I would see that it was so. It is a simple thing, but when you do not keep your word to a client you just can not count upon keeping their business. They want me to provide them with a service and do it when they need it done, so I have been sort of put in the place where I had to go out on my own and figure out the nuances of that.

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