When I lost my job, I was very thankful that I had a nice savings nest egg to take care of my bills until I figured out what I wanted to do next. I thought about it for a few days, looking at the best options for someone my age and experience, but I was drawing a blank until I came across a website talking about the best trucking company for new drivers. I had not even considered driving a truck before because I knew I would have to go to school for it, and that costs money.

While I did have enough money in savings to pay my bills for a few months, I did not have enough to invest in school as well as take care of my monthly expenses. That is why I was happy to find this website that listed various trucking companies that will help a person with schooling costs, and some even cover the entire fee. When I saw that I could work for a company that would help me out, I seriously began considering what my life would be like as an over the road trucker. I liked what I was envisioning, and that is how all this began.

I was happy to see that major trucking companies were listed as helping with the cost of truck driving school. Another plus in this is that these companies do hire new drivers. A lot of companies won’t, which makes it kind of funny because how can a person get experience if a truck driving company only wants experienced drivers. I ended up going with Swift Trucking Company not only because they help with the costs, but I also liked what I read about their fleet. They maintain their trucks and only keep the newest in stock, making it that much safer for me. I am on the road now, and my only regret is that I did not do this sooner!

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