You can keep your fancy game consoles. If you really want to get into gaming, you should try it on a high-end PC with a hot CPU, tons of RAM and the best graphics card for the money that you can get. I know some people who spent more than a couple grand on graphics cards. You do not have to do that to build a screaming machine for gaming, but you do want to get a good graphics card.

The latest powerful CPUs make modern gaming possible, but it is those fancy graphics cards that help render those incredible graphics. Many games are capable of displaying in a much higher definition and better frame rate, but you are limited based on the type of graphics card that you have. Many games fall back to lower resolutions and frame rates for rendering live game video to match the capabilities of the machine the game is being run on. If you have more than enough RAM, the latest CPU and a discrete graphics card with its own CPU and RAM, then you can turn up game play to a new level.

I like seeing the graphics of a new game rendered the way the code writer intended. Some of the game graphics look so real it can feel like a new reality when you are playing. I am looking forward to advanced game play in a three-dimensional virtual environment one day, and it will be high-end graphics cards that permit the rendering of the light to accomplish that. Instead of pixels on a screen, it will likely be lasers projected in a room, but it will take graphics cards to make it happen. I have a graphics card in my PC that actually exceeds the CPU and RAM specs of the machine itself.

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