Many things can be repaired, but sometimes things come to a point where they can’t. My HVAC system has been going strong, but after 13 years of service, it reached a point where nothing could be done to save it. To make things worse, every time the air conditioner was used, it would start leaking water all over the garage floor. This happened once in the middle of the night and when I woke up, the floor was soaked. I had to make the decision to let go and get HVAC installation in NYC, or continue to live with a leaking HVAC system.

Since I didn’t have enough money for a replacement, I had to keep using the leaky system while saving money each month. I put down some pans to catch the water as it came out of the system. I would have to rush to the garage to empty the pans before they came full. I limited the amount of time that the air conditioner could be used. While it was off, I opened the windows and placed a box fax inside to blow air into my home. On days when it was too hot outside, I turned the fan around and sucked air out of the room.

After I finally had enough money to pay for the installation of a new HVAC system, I called a local company to do it. I had a lot of time to research good companies while I was saving money, so I was confident that I selected the right company for the job. In just one day they were able to put the brand new system in. I turned down the thermostat and let the cold air flood my home. It feels like the inside of a freezer and I don’t care because I’d rather be cool than hot.

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