My daughter will be attending college in St. Petersburg next fall. She doesn’t want to live on campus and wants me to find some affordable St Petersburg apartments close to campus. This should not be that much of a problem as there are always listings for apartments in the classified section of newspapers. We just need to find one for her that she will be able to afford while attending college. She will most likely have to get a part-time job to help pay the rent. It would be nice if she would have one or two roommates to help share the expense.

My daughter is so excited to venture out on her own. She is the oldest of seven children and the first one in our family to attend college. Although I will miss seeing her every day, I am looking forward to her starting the next chapter in her life. After finding the perfect apartment we plan on doing a lot of shopping for her new place. Hopefully, it will be a furnished apartment and we will only have to buy decorations to give it her own personal touch. The two of us are booking a flight to St. Petersburg to start our search for her new digs.

The day finally arrived to travel to Florida. We were overjoyed when we were welcomed with beautiful weather for our adventure. We immediately grabbed a local newspaper to start our search. After looking at numerous ads for apartments, we decided to pay a visit to a few of them for more information. We were both delighted at how nice the apartments were. During our search, we finally found my daughters new home. It was a simple, yet modern, two bedroom furnished apartment. Now it is time to start shopping for the perfect accents to put a woman’s touch on my daughter’s new home.

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