What do you get for a person who has just about anything they could want? It might seem almost impossible that someone like that exists, but that is my reality when it comes to my wife. She is not a materialistic type of person at all. She loves to read, but she gets all of her books from the library. She enjoys nice clothes, but she gets the majority of them at the thrift store because so many women discard perfectly fine clothes. When I saw an ad about getting dogs on socks, I had to look to see what that was all about.

The one area in my wife’s life that she does tend to splurge is when it comes to our two dogs. We adopted them together at the shelter on the same day, though they had never met before. They became an instant part of our family from that first day, and we both love to spoil them. When I looked at the website that had to do with socks and dogs, I knew that I was going to buy my wife a couple of pairs of the socks.

I could have chosen to just get each dog on their own pair of socks, but I knew that she would probably enjoy both dogs on both pairs of socks even more. I read everything about the socks, and I knew from that that they were of high quality. I also knew that it would be easy to upload the pictures and complete the order because of the reviews that other customers had left. It truly was as easy as everyone had described. It took me just a few minutes to find the perfect pictures and upload them, and they did a fantastic job of putting the pooches on the socks. The best part? My wife loved both socks, and she is asking me to make her a few more pair for this upcoming winter season!

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