I was looking for a company that provides competitive pricing for electricity for where I live in Pennsylvania. We used to only be able to get it from one company, and I never did think that was fair. When we go to the store to buy something, we are never left with just one option. There are always many, and I had always felt that it should be the same way with power providers. I went online to look at my options, and that is how I found electricityproviders.org, which is a site that gave me a lot of information.

I was able to see the different companies that service this area, and I was happy that I could read than just their rate plans here. I wanted to find out what kind of companies they are, because I wanted to support a company that holds the same values that I do. This was particularly true with regards to our planet. I am not an activist by any stretch of the imagination, but that is just because I don’t have the time to be one. I do my own part though however I can, and choosing a power company that holds the same green values as me is very important to me.

I was able to also read about the history of different companies. While deregulation is fairly new here in Pennsylvania, the majority of these companies have a national presence. That means I was able to find out about their history, how they treat customers who need their assistance for one reason or another, and how they give back to their communities too. I learned a great deal of information from this site, and that allowed me to make an informed decision on choosing the power company who provides power to my house today.

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