I am so excited that I found a website where I can buy pop beats. You may not know what that is but let me give you a little background information on what I’m working on and then I’ll explain exactly what that is. My friends and I have been making short videos of doing random acts of kindness to complete strangers in public and posting them on youtube. What started out as a little bit of an experiment has turned into a full-fledged weekly project for us that has turned viral. These videos have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people on youtube and our list of subscribers keeps growing.

We have been looking for some original music to play in the background of these videos to differentiate our videos from those made by others. It would kind of be like a theme song or music for a television show. It will be unique to our videos only. This website that I found has different genres of music to choose from with different moods within each genre itself. The possibilities are endless. My friends and I are going to get together this weekend and peruse and listen to different ones until we find the perfect one that we all agree upon.

I am more than ready to take this project to the next level. We are not only helping those in our community but we are also spreading the word about being kind to one another. Some people may be down on their luck and a simple cup of coffee or a ride home from the supermarket can make all of the difference in the world in that one person’s life. Hopefully, these short clips of giving back to the community and to those less fortunate than us will help this world become a bit of a nicer place to live.

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