I found many Virtual Families 2 cheats during the time I’ve been playing. Almost all of them don’t work well. If you’re not familiar with Virtual Families 2, it’s a sim type game that takes place in real time. What I mean by that is it doesn’t advance like your typical game where you sign in and just play until you’re finished. It’s an ongoing game that you can play for years. I’ve been playing for about six months and I’m making decent progress, but I knew I could advance much faster if I could find some cheats.

Some people think it’s unwise to use a cheat in a game like this one. I don’t consider it cheating because there really isn’t an end goal here. I know people who play this game like fanatics, where they’re always checking in and trying to keep the game moving for hours a day. I also know people who only check in maybe once a day or don’t have a problem letting the game run for a week or more before checking in and making some adjustments. It’s all about how fast you wish to progress and how much time you’re willing to put into it.

I get sort of crazy about my games and like to play a lot and advance faster than most players. That’s why I looked into cheats. There are many hacks and cheats available, and as I said most of them don’t work well. I actually paid cash money to use a few of them and always ended up disappointed. Imagine my surprise when I found a free cheat that worked better than any of the other ones out there. Since I’ve been using it, I can’t believe how much progress I’ve made. I wish I’d used this one from the beginning.

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