Our son was convinced he wanted a tattoo of his girlfriend’s name. This was not one of those relationships that anyone even considered for a second would last. She was pretty and had one of those personalities that would attract a young man. However, everyone else in our family could see plain as day that she was restless and would move on. We convinced him to try out quality temporary tattoos that would disappear over time before getting a real tattoo.

I did not mention at all about their relationship not lasting. All I said was how he should be certain the design is really what he wants before committing to permanent ink on his arm. Then he told me it was going on his chest. I smiled and said, “Wow, that’s even better!” Yes, it was tough to say that with a straight face. He found a place that does exceptionally well done temporary tattoos. They look like they are permanent, and they last for an exceptionally long time. He got an elaborate design done on his chest of a portrait of her and her name in big letters.

Well, the tattoo is still there and fading, and their relationship is just a touchy point of discussion now. He is embarrassed, and he has not even went swimming this year because the tattoo is not gone yet. All of his friends and family know it is there, even though he has deleted all of the pictures off of social media. He came to me late one evening as I was reading, and he said, “Thank you.” I asked him what the thank you was for. He told me he was very thankful that I suggested temporary tattoos to test out the design, even though he now knew the truth of why I really suggested it.

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