My wife and I have been in our community since we were children. We grew up here. My parents still live in the same house they had since they got married, and now they have great grandchildren. We had a strip mall go in a number of years ago in our neighborhood. I remember us not wanting it, but we adapted to its presence and began patronizing its businesses shortly after it was in operation. Then it became in disrepair. My wife and I bought the distressed property, called a company that does paving in Nassau County NY, renovated the buildings and leased it out to stable businesses that would be there for the long haul. We took it upon ourselves to fix an eyesore that others just complained about.

Of the fifteen businesses that used to be there, only one remained from the time it first opened. It was a local fixture. It was a restaurant that people went to even though it was located on a rundown property. We worked out an agreement with their lease to keep them there and encourage them to invest in some renovations and upgrades. We built the other spaces to suit the businesses moving in. A medical clinic that serves the area moved in along with some specialty shops that have been in the area for decades. We wanted tenants that would be sticking around for a long time. This is how you keep a commercial property stable. Doctor’s offices rarely have a need to relocate if they have a nice space, and long time community businesses like the stability of staying in one spot too.

The new stucco face on the building and the newly repaved parking lot along with some spruced up landscaping was all it took to make the entire property look new again. The interior spaces were gutted and refitted for each new business moving in. The old strip mall took on a new life and is no longer an eyesore to the community.

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