I was worried about my son’s dental needs. I had taken him to three different dentists, and we had left each one unhappy. We needed a dentist who is patient with children and understands that they don’t have the dental experience that adults have. My son is not fidgety, but he does want to be heard. The dentists would talk to me rather than him, and this was frustrating to him. He just wanted to know what was happening before it actually happened. I did a search for an effective but cheap dentist in Launceston because I needed to find him a dentist he can be comfortable with.

I knew that I would keep checking out new dentists until I found the right one for my son, but I also needed the dentist to be affordable. We do not have the best dental insurance, so we have to pay out of pocket for some things. I thought that it was almost an impossible search, to find a great dentist that we could also afford, but it turned out to be easier than I expected. The first one I researched when I started my new search online ended up being the right one for our family. Not only are they experts in adult dentistry, but they definitely have what it takes for pediatric dentistry too.

I waited until my son needed his six month cleaning, and we went there. He felt comfortable right away because they talked to him rather than to me. They also did not talk above him or beneath him either, which I appreciated as well. They did his cleaning with no problem, and the exam did show he needed a cavity filled. The dentist was very gentle yet effective, and she also gave him some great tips on better brushing so he could avoid future cavities. That is why she is now our family dentist.

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