My wife Laura and I have been married for five years strong. I love her very much. I think that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. I tell her constantly, but she sometimes does not believe it. It makes me sad. She is very insecure about her looks. Her main concern is her hair. She realizes that it is starting to thin and is not as youthful as it was when she was a teenager. She is afraid that her hair will go. She checked out Keranique reviews on the internet. She is willing to try anything.

My wife Laura has won many beauty pagents from her teens and twenties. She would get rave complliments about her face and body. She loved the compliments she got about her hair. It was long and flowing. Other women were jealous of her hair. Some of them would try to bully her and be mean out of jealousy. Despite the praise, she has always remained a humble person. That is one of the traits I love about her.

Recently, she received a notice about her high school reunion. At first, she decided not to go, but I opposed. I encouraged her that I would be proud to escort her to the event. She was still worried about her hair. She looked at some wigs online, but she decided that she wanted to try something that looked more natural.

My wife Laura decided to use a hair restoration chemical that promised to replenish hair and reverse baldness. My wife decided to give it a try. She decided that she had nothing to lose. After a couple of weeks, she saw positive results with her hair. She looks younger and healthier. I was so amazed with the results. I love her so much.

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